I rented a PEMF Professional Mat & am already seeing results. Thirty years ago I was hit by a drunk driver & dislocated my collarbone. Over the years the swelling & inflammation has gotten so bad on the R side, it was 2-3X's the size of the L side. I became so self conscious of it that I began wearing scarves to hide it. After just 10 days of using the mat, the swelling & inflammation have been significantly reduced. The pain I was experiencing is no longer keeping me awake at night. I admit I was skeptical to begin with, but not any longer. I have also experienced improvement in my wrist & hand joints as well. I purchased a PEMF, Omni1Mat and cannot wait for it to arrive.

Laurie - Essex, ON

My husband Marc tore 3 ligaments 35 years ago playing football.  He also has back and neck issues. He is now 50 and the pain increases every year. Ive had Fibromyalgia since I was 18 - I'm now 46. Our friend in BC has been using the mat for years and it healed her Migranes and back pain. I wasn't really convinced. She recommended renting the mat for a month to try it. We used it 2x day for 8 - 10 min and within 2 days we both experienced noticeable results. We purchased a mat and were without it for 1 week while it was being shipped. The pain started to creep back up.  Its been 6 months and Marc's knees, back and neck pain is 90% gone. My Fibro pain has diminished to minimal. Plus we are both sleeping like a rock. I haven't had dreams for years and I am dreaming every night Marc is too. 

This mat changes lives! I would recommend renting it to try it out. 

Kim - (The sceptic) Windsor, On

I have been under the care of a Neurosurgeon Dr. Stephen Henshelt and Dr. Parton (Neurologist). In 2008, I was having a lot of vertigo, sometimes fainting. For years before that, I had severe headaches, thinking if I had a breast reduction, it would fix them. Dr. Pathick sent me for an MRI Angeogram. I have a fist size of veins that have tentacles very deep on the right side of my brain, which is inoperable. If the veins burst, I am high risk to be a vegetable or dead. When I am stressed these veins swell causing severe headaches. In order to get through my work day my Dr prescribed T3's. Some days, I would take 8 to 10 a day just to get through my workday. Since I have been having PEMF Therapy ... I no longer take T3's !!
I am sleeping well again, and out of pain! I have also noticed an improvement in my hearing. I am hearing sounds that I haven't heard in a long time without the use of hearing aids.
I have been given a new life!

Wendy (Victoria. B.C)
Update after 3 months of daily use – blood pressure went from 171/120 to 130/73


Thanks again for introducing me to the PEMF mat! It has helped in so many ways from almost eliminating my migraines to taking away pain from my frozen shoulder from 8 years ago! I have also noticed less period symptoms and can't wait to see if my seasonal allergies are eliminated by the spring of 2018!
Thanks again for this life changer!

Leslie Ambasse (Victoria B.C)

Just wanted to comment on an injury I had on my hand 4 years ago. I had laid on the mat for 20 minutes then held the wand close to the angry looking tissue, and after 2 treatments, I could see a difference. It was definitely healing. It was amazing.
A friend who recently stayed here , had surgery last August. She has 3 screws in her knee, has a bruised patella and is on crutches. After 2 treatments, was able to move with less pain.
She was amazed and so happy!

Sharron Cecile *Retired RN (Victoria. B.C)

I have suffered from neck, back and head pain/migraines for 25+years. I have been in 4 car accidents and work related injuries since 1987. I had very little mobility in the neck area and as the years went on, the migraines increased in intensity and frequency. I had to accept that I was going to be in chronic pain for the rest of my life. I overused pharmaceuticals to get through the pain. I wasn't able to follow the dreams of having another child, due to my state of well being. I dealt with depression and anxiety and digestive issues as a result of the pain and inflammation. I was seeking a way out of this challenging life by trying everything. Alternative therapies helped but not enough. I even underwent large doses of botox to paralyze the muscles. My 1 st introduction to PEMF was 5 years ago, and I had a migraine when I tried it. It took the pain away instantly! I have been a home user of this technology ever since. This mat saved my life! I never thought that I would work again, ride a bike again, skate or ski again. I am now doing all of those activities with my children!!
I no longer suffer from depression and anxiety. The frequency and intensity of the migraines diminished 85-90%. The more I
use this therapy , the better I get!!

Yvette Puritch (Victoria, B.C)